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Ultimate Screen Protection For Your Land Mobile Radio


Radioshields is the only screen protector specifically developed for Land Mobile Radios. They are available in two highly affordable versions, Basic and Premium, and are built to withstand the toughest environments. 

Basic screen protectors are made from flexible tempered nano glass, available for  curved screens, and come with a one year warranty.


Their Premium counterpart is made of a rigid Japanese Asahi glass, has a limited lifetime warranty, and is only available for flat screens.


Made from chemically treated glass that offers the highest protection available

Easy to Clean

Dirt and debris are no match for Radioshields. Simply clean with a soft cloth.


Made with optical grade adhesives and materials so as to not impair visibility.

Custom Sizes

Radioshields manufactures custom protectors for any device.

Ready to outfit your team of radios and save money on screen repairs? 

Contact our Sales Team here to get yours today!

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