Kenwood offers both Mobile and Portable Land Mobile Radios for P25 communications

The Kenwood Viking P25 subscribers family offers multiple form factors for police, fire, military, and public works.  For more information click the link below.

Kenwood specializes in the design and assembly of P25 Systems

Kenwood offers P25 Conventional, Trunked, and Simulcast systems.  Kenwood will quote and design systems to meet your requirements for public safety. 

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Lockheed Martin offers a full suite of communications equipment that bridges all radio vendors together.

On the front lines of any crisis or combat situation or natural disaster, connecting separate networks for communications among first responders, makes all the difference when saving time and lives.

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Zebra Technologies manufactures the most ruggedized tablets in the world.

Need a Windows or Android tablet that is as rugged as the environments you work in? Zebra (previously Xplore) offers a line of rugged and ultra rugged tablets in a variety of form factors and mounts. 

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The first screen protector specifcally developed for Land Mobile Radio

The typical display on land mobile radios is made of coated plastic.  In harsh environments, these displays are easily scratched or broken.  Radioshields was developed to help protect the most important tool you carry, your radio.   

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Pyramid's EVRS solution extends your portable coverage in a dead zone by relaying the EVRS thru the system.

The SVR-P255 is the latest generation simplex vehicular repeater from Pyramid Communications that is fully compliant with the APCO Project 25 Phase 1 Digital Common Air Interface (CAI) protocol.

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