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Vehicular Repeater

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Losing radio coverage when entering a building such as a mall, below ground parking structure, or due to topology (hills, valleys, large structures) can be frustrating at best and a safety issue at worst.

KENWOOD and Pyramid have developed an Enhanced Vehicular Repeater Solution (EVRS) exclusively for use with the Viking Series of P25 Radios. The EVRS keeps you connected by allowing your portable radio to connect through a vehicle's mobile to the radio system.   


The EVRS provides enhanced features not available with traditional vehicular repeaters.  Portable radio users outside the vehicle get indications of Channel Grant, Busy, Denial, and Out of Range just as if they were on a trunked channel of their radio system.  


The EVRS works with KENWOOD Viking Portables (VP6000, VP5000, VP900 & VP600) and the Viking Mobile Radio (VM7000, VM6000, VM5000, VM600 or VM900) 

SVR-P255 P25 Enhanced Vehicular Repeater System

- 20 Channels

- New ESP Multi Vehicle Format
- Triggers P25 Emergency calls with Hot Mic

- Passes P25 Channel Status to Portable User

- Notifies Portable User of Out of Range of vehicular repeater or the P25 Network

- Seamless Trunking Handshake through Pyramid's model SVR-P255

- Exclusive to Kenwood Viking Radios

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